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Mr. Charley

Mr. Charley

Agent 007 now in Houston

Photographer: Anastasiia Gudkov
Model: Terrel Charley
Model agency: Neal Hamil
Downtown of Houston, TX

For this photoshoot, I was inspired by the movie of Agent 007. I decided who else as not Terrel may fit best to the role of James Bond. We haven’t discussed the outfit, I just trusted to his taste. And yes, it was exactly what I expected. Mr. Charley did a good job, he was relaxed and in a playful mood, his posing wasn’t over factitiously, that I like about models. All his movement was natural, he lived in that role. It might be natural feeling and also because Terrel is actually a professional model, as he first graduated model school and then signed a contract with one of the biggest model agency in Houston “Neal Hamil”. He also is studying to be a barber/ hairstylist, and his dream is to become one of the most successful hair stylist in Houston if not the United States, and I am sure he will!

For this shooting I chosed downtown Houston, as it’s beautiful and never really crowded, that I love so much. When I got here the very first time from previously being in New York City. I stayed in a hotel of downtown, and I decided to walk around a little bit, and I was surprised that the Streets were almost empty. I even asked a stranger "Where are all the people?". "Did something happen?". He told me that most people use their cars to get around instead of walking. That’s why each time when I walk or shoot in downtown it brings me my warm memories about the first trip to this city. 

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