My name is Anastasiia Gudkov and I’m from Luhansk, Ukraine. It’s a very beautiful country. Ukrainians are so lucky because it has and mountains and access to Azov and Black sea. People are very friendly, beautiful and lots of really talented and creative minds. 

My way in photography has started in 2013. My first camera was mirrorless Canon M EOS. I was asked to take some shots for a moving company in Moscow.  They wanted to photograph the packing process. We rented a studio for a couple of hours. And a day before I took a lesson while of that a studio’s owner explained to me about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. So I was a super newbie, but it didn’t stop me :))

Since I have learned and still learning a lot. Primary all through online-courses, such as CrativeLive, Amlab and other. Today I shoot with Canon Mark 5D III and Canon 6D. I like to photograph fashion, commercial and travel. 

I consider photography as a way to express my creative vision, it’s the world where I want to go deeper and get my own unique style. My works have been published several times in different magazines, but my dream and a goal are to shoot for very famous fashion and/or travel magazines.  

If photography it’s more for my soul, then for the brain I do and learn programming. I have a company BereshkaWeb, that provides such services as website development, SEO, Digital Marketing. For many of my clients, it’s very convenient to have all in one, a company who takes care of their website and can do photography as well.