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About me

Hello, my name is Anastasiia, and my business name is Bereshka. It comes from my nickname that was given me in the 6th or 7th grade as my last name (maiden) Berestovskaya. A classmate, in whom I was secretly in love, saw a commercial on TV about nasal drops "Beresh plus" and next day brought that observations to a school. Since that I became Bereshka. 

I live in Houston, TX since Jan 2013, but I was born in Luhansk, Ukraine. After I graduated from Kiev University with a degree that I have never been interested, I promised myself that now I will always decide when and what to study :) Therefore, today I primary choose online trainings. 

I have two passions: programming and photography. And I self-educate myself in both. Programming is for my brain, photography is for my soul. For photography I get inspiration from everywhere: books, movies, commercial, magazines, Instagram. When I get an idea I always write it down to my phone. Sometimes I create a scenario, where I describe every detail how to display a model :)

I like:
rain, coffee, tango, to bake, weight 125lb, kiss my son in the back of his head, success, talented people, meet people from very different areas, watch movies where all details were thought out ("Kill Bill", "The night of", "True Detective", "Fargo"), wake up early, ironing, space, blockchain, symphony orchestra performance 
I dislike: 
cooking in the morning, make a bed, taste of shrimp, onion soup, slowness, fax, CDs, chats, religion