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About me

Hello, my name is Anastasiia, and my business name is Bereshka. It comes from my nickname that was given in the 6th or 7th grade as my last name (maiden) Berestovskaya. A classmate, in whom I was secretly in love, saw a commercial on TV about nasal drops "Beresh plus" and next day brought that observations to school. Since that I became Bereshka. I actually didn't mind. 

I live in Houston, TX since Jan 2013, but I was born in Luhansk, Ukraine. After I graduated from Kiev University with a degree that I have never been interested, I promised myself that now I will always decide when and what to study. Therefore, I primary choose online trainings. It's much convenient for me. I can control when to study, if I don't like a course I go over to another. 

I have two passions: programming and photography. And I self-educate myself in both. Programming is for my brain, photography is for my soul. For photography shootings I get inspiration from everywhere: books, movies, commercial, magazines, Instagram. When I get an idea I always write it down to my phone. Sometimes I create a scenario, where I describe each frame, who and how should pose or draw if needed. 

I'm pretty bad in people evaluation, that's why I never try to estimate person especially at the first meet. I can think "Oh no, we won't probably communicate in future, it's just not my person" and then she or he may become my best friend :)) It happens because all of us has so many personalities inside. We show one in some situations and with some people and show other at other. I love to photograph people in that way where I can show them in their other personality, that one that they don't really  show in everyday. 

I like:
be home when it's rainy,  love coffee, love tango, bake something tasty, weight 125lb, kiss my son in the back of the head, feel success, meet talented people, meet people from very different areas, watch movies where all details were thought out and therefore it looks delicious (like "Kill Bill" or "The night of"), I love to believe that we all can achieve pretty everything,  I love to think that you should get prepared and then many doors will be opened instead of to wait until one gets open. I believe that all that we have is a consequence of our choices, actions or inactions and all responsibility to us (with the exception of accidents).  I like straightforward people and polite, those who respond to emails, phone calls, even if they need to say "No". I love self-confident people. I like to wake up early, about 5:30-6am. I love earn money, I heard so many times that I love money, but they are wrong, I love the process of earning, THAT brings me ecstasy. I like to give gifts, beautiful gifts, gifts that can surprise. I love to hang out with friends, I love to be home with family, I love to be alone. I love order. I love ironing it calms me down, but don't do it often. I love space and all about that. I hope that people fly to Mars in the near future. I believe that other civilization of people or other beings exist. It is impossible to think the opposite, taking into account how vast the space is. Love proactive people, who do little more than was expected or prescribed by their duties. My favorite books are "Martin Eden" and "Atlas Shrugged" that had a key impact on the shift of my paradigm at certain moments in my life. I want to live my life as if I'm squeezing an orange, to the last drop.
I dislike: 
cooking in the morning, make a bed, I don't like two-faced people, people who ignore questions or requests. I don't like taste of shrimp, I hate onion soup. I can eat it only if somebody will torture me. I do not like slowness and stupidity. I hate that in 2017 we still use fax and CDs. I don't like chats, it steals too much time. I hate wake up late, about 8:30am, I feel like I lost so much time. I don't like gravity as it's one of the reasons for aging. I don't like those photos that are presented like a masterpiece and what I only see is just a leaf on the ground. I might be not enough mature in photography yet to understand that. I do not like people who takes one million selfies per day. I don't like when cabinet doors are open or when floor is dirty. I hate fill out one hundred papers at a doctor's office, that you did already in past. It all should be electronic. I hate when people through garbage just on the ground or through a car window. They might think that it's dissolving in the air. The worth are those who litter on kids playgrounds. I do not like religion, I believe that it was invented to manage people. Although I can not but agree that without them there could be more chaos.